How to make Friends (or not)

I maybe the worst ,the most socially awkward person to be around .  Either that or mysterious forces around me work in tandem to make me look silly .

I was invited to dinner by a guy I recently met along with his friends and it was a fun evening  for most part . This was at a  lovely brewery with outdoor seating under a canopy due to rains and good conversation. 

At a table for 4 we had 6 people so it was a bit cramped after a while with other tables so close we could barely move .if anyone had to get up it required all people to move chairs out of the way .so yes cramped .

However, the most embarrassing part of the evening was me . In a table filled with jugs,tumblers,plates of finger food I accidentally knocked over a glass and the entire content landed on the guy’s pants . 

Sure , he knocked over a glass too but as fate would have it that was empty. Which is why I believe that forces of nature hate me. 

I couldn’t stop apologising and handing him paper towels for the duration of the evening  . Mortified wouldn’t even begin to explain how I felt .

I do know how to make friends!!! 


7 thoughts on “How to make Friends (or not)

  1. Welcome to my world if real life😉. These things happen and – like it or not – create moments of real presence and human interaction in a world where people try so very hard to present their cooles and most perfect fascade. Welcome to the world of vulnerability and real people, which is messy, full of imperfection, and flaws but also full of chances for real joy, connection, happiness.

    You have presented yourself as a human being …is there a better way to find real friends and not faked ones?

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  2. Haha 😃 I have sort of given up on people to not venture into such embarrassing moments 😛 Okay how about this, I was proper high at an office party and managed to blurt out to this one intern who had come from Delhi for 3 months that he was the most handsome guy at work, turns out that he and I did remember what I told and I spent the rest one month avoiding him and acting as if I could look right through him. Turns out on the last day of his stay he comes up to me and talks and tells me that we should catch up and all, I think good guy and all and get vaguely happy.
    Which is when I asked an acquaintance at work who was the mutual friend of the guy and me for his number and casually mention the conversation to which she laughs for a good 5 minutes and tells me that this guy is in a proper commitment since like 5 years and he does this bit and have women chase him and then advertise his conquests, my immediate recovery was to laugh for 10 minutes proper loud and fake and then act as if I knew it all along. Safe to say I have very awkward coffee machine conversations with that crowd 😞

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