I’m formal 

That just reads – stiff,unyielding,somewhat superficial, aloof,conventional and boring . 

I’ve been told so by a date .I guess  when I’m unsure of my footing I resort to being formal .Im like “queen of bloody England” formal  aside from the teeny tiny fact that I don’t rule a country (or even my street corner). 

Dating in your mid-30s is fucking hard . Either you are too forward ,too timid ,too formal,too naive ,too frustrated or too old.

How  anyone is supposed to find someone seems like a miracle . 

Note to self : Good Luck ,you need it . 


2 thoughts on “I’m formal 

  1. Oh well in my case I went out with a friend for a harmless dinner and by the end of it was informed that I was actually on a date and currently being badgered since the past two months to go out on another date. Safe to say I’m going to spend my weekends eating ice cream and watching TV and take my chances in my 30s 😛 😀

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