Right here.. under a rock . The rock being my 3 year journalism course. Good news though- I just finished with the final and last exam for the 3rd year and waiting results. Also have a final year project review which should be anytime this week.

Three years have gone by and now it’s scarier than ever. The plans I had made years ago -its time to try and make those a reality and that is one stomach churning,panic inducing reality.

I have to start hunting jobs and also prepare to get evaluated for immigration. These were so far only a distant “oh there is a long time to go” ideas but now, they need to be worked on and attempted. The next phase folks! Look out!

Because of all this my blogging took a backseat and I have to now be disciplined and start this again. It cannot be left in a corner of  my mind where the”to-do” pile keeps growing.I do want a break from work and from everything just so that I can go ‘wheee’ and yet I cannot.

Life is crazy!


PS: I am in New York for a work trip .Arrived this week and struggling with jet lag and these thoughts keep me awake.

Way to scare off a guy # 1 ( you won’t need # 2)

The person I went on a date with is on my facebook and posted something about the current heatwave to which I added a nice short comment( no biggie).

Well here is how you freak the guy out – my non-techno savvy mother saw that post ,assumed it was mine and commented on it( in her mommy style ).


Note: in my panic snatched moms phone and deleted the comment which was already liked 

(F.U.C.K) *N

It maybe the only date now ! 

An Afternoon Date

This weekend was a deviation from the norm. I would usually sit at home do some chores,some light reading, writing and in the evenings watch romcoms or sitcoms with a glass of wine or a pint.

I also have these months ahead really busy as I have exams in July, assignments due in June and a project to be completed by May/June as well. This is combined with fulltime job(with appraisals coming up)


Anyway, this weekend I went on a date!

You heard that right a date. My last horrifying date was sometime in 2015 with a person I knew for a while & who as it turned out , was ready to hump a chair or even a brick. So dates scare me, men scare me and relationships are my nemesis.

Back to this date, well he is someone I met online and we have one odd phone conversation a few months ago. Recently he was in my city and texted me to know if I can meet.  I agreed to meet at Starbucks at 12 noon on Sunday.It was bright daylight, people around ,Starbucks so I was potentially safe!

With steel barrels rumbling in the pit of my stomach ,I took a taxi to meet him. At first look he was tall , bald with a backpack and suitcase in tow(no he wasn’t carrying bodies just clothes and it was checked at the high security Starbucks security checkpoint) . The Date actually started to seem less of a disaster.

The conversation was relatively easy as he kept it flowing.If it were up to me I would probably end up with weird conversation- well I have to say in my nervousness I did blurt some stupid stuff which may actually  be unattractive. For example , I ordered Earl Grey Tea without milk . He asked if I take milk with the tea and I launched into the scintillating conversation of my work trip to Spain where i consumed milk for breakfast ,lunch and dinner and eventually got a bad “reaction” and lactose intolerance.

Thankfully, I used reaction and not diarrhea . Way to kill the moment that word!

I did not stop at this  , In my nervousness (which initially killed appetite and was on empty stomach)  my sugar dropped and my hands started to tremble a little. He noticed this and joked  if my reaction was to his fascinating personality.  I informed that its probably a sugar drop and rushed to get a packet for sugar to add to my tea and devoured it.

I did joke about being a medical marvel sometime later!

It seems he was fascinated by my amazing personality  and charming conversational skills and couldn’t stop staring at my face and complemented  on my wonderful skin and interesting face. So much so that he grabbed a piece of paper and pen from people sitting at Starbucks and actually.. I mean actually sketched my face right there!

First , I am not used to being looked at and second sitting in one pose for a sketch even for 5 minutes made me fidgety and self conscious. This was not something I have experienced .. ever.

An hour later, we took  a taxi and dropped him at the bus terminus to return to Mumbai and I returned home. On my way back he texted

She spoke for an hour in her cutsey voice,

And after long I had reasons to rejoice,

For every word she spoke had happiness in it,

Even Happiness would be charmed by her passion and grit.






Sita Sings the Blues

The whole fiasco over sentiments is based on the faulty premise of equating literature with “absolute truth.” We forget that these epics are filled with myths and imaginations that reflect the creativity, or perhaps ulterior motives, of its authors. The better approach is to acknowledge that these epics are after all just text, with readers creating the meaning behind them. To use a Hindu cliche, you have to recognize and extract the spirit of the text as a lotus is “pure” even among the murky water it grows in.

Desifeminists' Blog

I got to the party fashionably late. Sita Sings the Blues is a retelling of the Ramayana through Nina Paley’s eyes. It’s recent, but been around for some time. Thanks to Paley and sponsors for making the animated film available to many. It is cute and witty, and the animation – beautiful. I caught some minor flaws, like ignoring the fact that Kaikeyi was a warrior queen who saved Dasaratha’s life, and missing certain details like Surpanakha enticing Laxmana or Ravana dressing up as a sage to fool Sita, but that’s cool. You can read some other discussions on it here and here.

As usual, conservative folks got their panties in a bunch over the supposed irreverence of the film. I take hurt sentiments seriously, and many feminists have protested misogynistic literature themselves, but I don’t agree with the premise of the conservatives when they criticize literary works. You…

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Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Upanishads & rape

Interesting read on how Indian Mythology is rooted in Misogyny !


Devdutt Pattanaik, chief belief officer of Future group, in a column in Star of Mysore on December 13, before the gangrape in Delhi became headline news:

“For most of human history, the woman’s body has been treated as man’s property, in reality as well as representation. So adultery (where the woman participates) and rape (where the woman does not participate) were both seen as insult to a man’s honour.

“In the story of Parashuram, his mother Renuka experiences a momentary desire for another man. For this crime of ‘thought,’ her own son beheads her on the orders of her husband, Jamadagni. She eventually comes to be associated with the goddess Yellamma, who is associated with prostitution.

“In the story of Ram, Sita’s abduction by Ravan so taints her reputation, and makes her the subject of such gossip, that Ram eventually abandons her.

“In neither story…

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My Year on WordPress!

What a fantastic year and cannot believe it’s almost over! I have to thank you all for being there and reading my blog -supporting this journey.

Almost Happy New year!


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,600 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 43 trips to carry that many people.

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Read like you Drink

wandering story teller

I read like I drink, tiny portions,
Swirl it in my mouth, feel the bitterness,
The twinge and the twang,
Gulp the rest and be left with a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly.

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